ACT BEFORE - Windows 10 Updates

Posted: 6 years ago Quote #3548
Windows Updates can invalidating the Secure Lockdown license activation after the update is performed. To avoid this possibility, please do the following:

1.) Deactivate your Secure Lockdown license via the method described in the User Guide, then download and install the latest release of Secure Lockdown from our website (build 2.00.198 or greater). Then, re-activate Secure Lockdown using the same license key that was originally used.

2.) Enable the "No Windows Updates" option under the System Lockdown > Machine Level tab.

3.) Be sure to uninstall the Windows Update Assistant application as it can also install Windows updates

We also recommend registering each system with the Inteset Remote Management Services (RMS). This service is currently free and will greatly assist in the organization of your systems along with providing many useful features.
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Everyone should downgrade to Windows 7 after losing their shirt on Win8 & Win10. Inteset's software and many other developers' software run superior in comparison w/o elusive support issues on the Windows 7 OS based on my experience. It just works and that's where my money is invested accordingly.
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I just bought two more liscences of Inteset today and I'm going to try them on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 build and see how it works.  I've wiped a machine and installed / activated LTSC and I am very pleased of how clean it is.  No edge, cortana, windows store, tiled start menu with bloatware.  Its only 12.4 GB used space out of the box default configuration.  Its a shame I had to pay MORE money to Microsoft to get less bloatware and junk in Windows.
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It is recommended to review the following document as well. It will highlight some elements to consider when preparing Windows 10 for your specific configuration.