Broken File Association

Posted: one year ago Quote #18127
Would it be possible for you to send us a unit to troubleshoot this? We'd need up to 3 business days to analyze/fix the setup and return the unit back to you.
Posted: one year ago Quote #18129
I'm sorry this unit is for a government organization, so we cannot send you a unit to test the configuration with. Would you be able to remotely access the computer to test the configuration? Also, would you be able to e-mail me directly to further assist with support?
Posted: one year ago Quote #18147
As I still have not received a response, is there any chance I could speak with someone over the phone, or via e-mail directly about this situation? We've been going back and forth now for a few months, and still no resolution. Thank You.
Posted: one year ago Quote #18149
What is the Path information you've entered in the Circle Dock Target field in the settings of the item? Try putting "Explorer.exe" in the Target field and the path of your executable in the Arguments field. Put quotes around the path in the Arguments field if there are spaces in the path.
Posted: one year ago Quote #18170
The solution you provided has gotten me further than I have been able to get with the issue we're encountering, however, now I have an issue where using a local connection breaks another piece of software that we're using as it reports that the login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with windows authentication. The software that we are using cannot be used on a local account, is it possible to use secure lockdown on a domain account?
Posted: one year ago Quote #18172
Did you try entering the Windows password for the account as described on Page 7 of the User Guide?
Posted: one year ago Quote #18173
Yes, when using the local account w/ admin rights, I set the password as described, however the program that we are attempting to use, does not have the ability to be opened with a local account. It has to use a network account in order to be opened.
Posted: one year ago Quote #18178
Secure Lockdown will run on a domain admin account, however it is not advisable.