Website Login problems

Posted: one year ago Quote #18095
We installed the program so that my son could do his school without distractions. However, every time he closes the browser (even accidentally), he has to log back into his school website. Fine. Except that it won't accept his password until I log in to my parent account and change it. Then it will work that one time, until the next time he logs out, and then I have to change it before he can log in again. If I try to log in on another computer, it won't let me. But if I change it and log in multiple times on the other computer, or on his computer with the lockout software off, it works fine. This does not seem to be a problem from the website (they said this is the first time they had ever heard of such a problem), and I'm not sure how to deal with it. If it continues to be a problem, I'll have to get a refund. But I'd rather have the software available.
Posted: one year ago Quote #18098
Please try disabling the Chrome Lockdown > General Options > Delete Cache option to see if that helps.