App opens and closes while in lockdown

Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18193

Al of a sudden today after using secure lockdown single app for many years,
it just opens the app,after a few minutes it closes the app and then does not retry openiong again.
I have tried using various other apps as well even ie explorer.

Please assist
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18195
Could it be that there was a update of some kind.
Or could it be something todo with Windows Licensing?
We visited 3 kiosks yesterday to see if we can fix the problem,
and in all instances it seems to ask for the windows license keys,
I thought it might be because it was windows7 but then I think one of them was windows10
Please tell me if there is another support line ,we need support as we have a online vending platform
and lose business if we are offline.
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18196
If Windows did a major update, it could have invalidated the license registration. You will need to reactivate the licenses. Contact and request license deactivations for the systems displaying the activation dialogue. You will need to provide the Secure Lockdown Machine ID found in the Help tab of the utility on those systems.