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Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18236
Windows 10 Pro 20H2 and IE lock-down 210
When NO WINDOWS UPDATE is set it appears to disable the WINDOWS UPDATE service.
When the option is cleared the service is NOT restarted resulting in a windows error message when updates are requested.
Is there a fix in the works for this?
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18238
To disable Windows Updates, but then have a simple way to install when you want, you're better off following the methods found here:
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18239
My comment is based on using Secure Lockdown option:

Are you suggesting NOT to use this option?
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18240
I tried the options mentioned in the link.
The disable option in Policy settings work and set the appropriate registry entries.
All was OK until I enabled Lockdown and rebooted. I then disabled lockdown and rebooted.
I found updates enabled and the registry entries removed.
It appears the lockdown program is removing the needed registry entries.
Any suggestions.
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18249
Since there has been no further action on this issue, does it mean that support for the IE version is being reduced or ended?
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18251
You'll need to re-enable the setting prior to locking down the system again.