Unable to update Sophos while Secure Lockdown enabled

Posted: one year ago Quote #18356
I have Sophos Endpoint Protection installed on a Windows 10 PC running Secure Lockdown. When SD is enabled Sophos will not update. If I disable SD Sophos will update. After enabling SD again the next time Sophos tries to update it will fail.

From the install log:
MSI (c) (8C:84) [05:27:58:230]: Rejecting product '{2D2A1891-4657-4E6F-9373-BFCE4C9AC5BA}': Msi is completely disabled.
Info 1625.This installation is forbidden by system policy. Contact your system administrator.
MSI (c) (8C:84) [05:27:58:230]: Note: 1: 1729
MSI (c) (8C:84) [05:27:58:230]: Product: Sophos Network Threat Protection -- Configuration failed.
Posted: one year ago Quote #18358
See the "Master App Pause" option under the "Hidden Secure lockdown Features" in the Administrator Guide to allow updates of the Master Application while Secure Lockdown is enabled.