Lockdown Partially Enabled

Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18386
We have a few devices that Lockdown has run on both the localadmin account and the student account.  However, currently it is only running on the student account.  When we look at the machine in Device Information we see a couple conflicting descriptions.

1)Device Remote Management
Last Update: Friday, April 30, 2021 9:47 AM
(2 minutes)
Green Dot/Yellow Unlocked Lock

2) Device Status
User                  Status                                   Last Update  
localadmin     Grey Circle/Grey Unlocked Lock    5 months                 
CAS-Student1  Green Circle/Green Locked Lock   2 minutes

Under Remote Device Management, are we getting the yellow unlocked lock because it is only running on one of the two users?  Student only use the Student account.  Does Lockdown need to be running on both?               
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #18389
You'll receive the yellow icon if Secure Lockdown is installed under two accounts, but enabled on only one of them.