Can NOT open Chrome from desktop icon

Posted: one year ago Quote #18425
Win 10 Pro 21H1
Install Chrome
Configure Chrome home page start url.
Install SL Browser edition 211
Configure SL
Start SL and reboot system
Every thing comes up and Chrome starts and opens website.
Shut down SL
Reboot system as part of SL shutdown

System reboots and I can NOT start Chrome from the desktop icon.

Enable SL
Reboot system to complete SL start and now Chrome starts and opens the website.

Shut down and I can not start Chrome
Restart SL and SL will start and run Chrome.

Any suggestions?
Posted: one year ago Quote #18426
Secure Lockdown - Browser Edition does not have the ability to launch Chrome from a Desktop shortcut. Only Secure Lockdown can launch it.
Posted: one year ago Quote #18427
My problem is I can NOT launch Chrome from a desktop icon AFTER I have shut down Secure Lockdown and rebooted the system. At this point Secure Lockdown should be running.
The desktop Icon was working before installing Secure Lockdown.
Posted: one year ago Quote #18430
So Secure Lockdown is Disabled when you cannot launch Chrome from a Desktop shortcut?
Posted: one year ago Quote #18431
Yes, this occurs AFTER Secure Lock own is disabled and the PC is restarted.

Problem has been identified.
This behavior is being caused by WebRoot security.
WebRoot was NOT installed during initial testing, so the issue did not show up there.
WebRoot was installed after the machine was deployed and the problem just discovered.
Shutting down WebRoot resolves the issue.

Though WebRoot is restarted when the PC is restarted, due to the way Secure Lock down starts up, Chrome comes up and runs when started by Secure Lockdown.