Browser edition / Download blocked message

Posted: one year ago Quote #18619
Windows 10 Pro 21H1
Browser edition version 214
Secure lock down is configured to run the Chrome browser

With secure lock down disabled and system restart done.

If I sign on using the Inteset user account and try to download the browser edition program from the Intset website I get a DOWNLOAD BLOCKED message.

I get this message with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

If I sign on using the Admin user account the program downloads with no issue.

On a different machine still running the 211 version of the lock down program I do not have this problem.

Any suggestions?

Posted: one year ago Quote #18632
This appears to be caused by 214 setting Internet Options / Security / Launching applications and unsafe files to disable. When Secure lock down is shut down the option is NOT set to Prompt.