screen size / resolution

Posted: one year ago Quote #19641
we are installing on Surface Pro 7 w/Windows 10 Pro.  we have a background graphic engineered to the default resolution of the surface (2736 x 1824) and set to center.

when securelock is active, after auto login and before the primary app is launched (2-3 seconds) - we can see the background graphic has been enlarged so we only see 1/4 of the graphic.   we see a similar thing if we reduce the resolution to 1368 x 912.  if the user closes the app & before the restart happens - they can also see this graphic.

I realize I can set the background graphic to FIT instead of CENTER - but is there a setting as to why this is happening and seemingly the resolution is being changed?
Posted: one year ago Quote #19661
If the System Lockdown > Local Level > No Desktop option is enabled, please try disabling it to see if that helps.