Letter E on keyboard failing to work on multiple systems

Posted: 4 years ago Quote #4944
I have about 25 computers running Windows 10 Professional, with Chrome on the multi-app edition.
Repetitively, various computers will have the letter E no working on the USB keyboard.
In some instances, I can unplug the keyboard for a few minutes and the letter will work, and other times I have to restart the system to get the keyboard to work properly.

Steve Picotte
Posted: 4 years ago Quote #4945
Please update to the latest release of Secure Lockdown and try again.
Posted: 4 years ago Quote #6772
I updated, and this is still an issue, on Windows 10 Pro.
Our users are having to reboot the PCs repetitively.

Why would your software cause this? What can you do to correct it?
Steve Picotte
Posted: 4 years ago Quote #6826
What language (locality) is used on these keyboards/systems?
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Steve Picotte
Posted: 4 years ago Quote #6836
We are not having reports of this issue from other customers. Is this occurring only when using a specific app? Can you provide any more details?
Posted: 4 years ago Quote #6838
This has occurred on maybe half our 24 or so systems.
There are no apps running.
We use the lockdown, and staff only use Chrome with access to about 8 websites.
All our PCs are the same, HPs, Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, no other third-party software, generic Windows config.
Steve Picotte
Posted: 4 years ago Quote #6840
Would it be possible to ship us a unit for testing? We would be able to solve the issue if we're able to reproduce it. If so, please send an email to for shipping address and other information. Please reference this support thread.
Posted: 4 years ago Quote #8337
I can't ship out a system. I need them on a daily basis and haven't any extra systems to put in its place.
Steve Picotte
Posted: one year ago Quote #18472
I'm having the same problem with our computer also.  The letter E will not work on the keyboard after the software has been activated for about 2 to 3 days.
Running the latest version of window 10 Home.