Secure lockdown does not start

Posted: 11 years ago Quote #5

I have tryed your program on 3 different computers, all with windows 7, 2 of them x64 and one 32.
I install the program with administrator account, that works fine, start the program for the first time, then i start the trial version (have to se that it works beffore i buy it).
When i push OK then the program close and now i cant start it again.

SecureLockdown has stopped working
windows is checking for a solution to the problem...

and nothing more happens.

The computers are in a domain.

So what should i do to make this program run?
Posted: 11 years ago Quote #6
We apologize. The "Sample Download" button on the product description page referred to an older install file whereby this issue existed. This has been fixed. The "Sample Download" button now is correct.