Posted: 4 months ago Quote #44015
The latest release (102+) of Google Chrome now restricts usage to Windows Domain (Active Directory) accounts only thus limiting the availability of the feature in Secure Lockdown.

There are several workarounds of which are listed below:

1. Switch to the Edge Browser - the Edge browser does not suffer from this limitation and has most of the features of Chrome. If switching to Edge, please also see this forum topic.

2. Roll back Chrome on the units affected to the previous release (101). You can follow the instructions below to roll back Chrome. You will also need to prevent Chrome Updates, otherwise the same issue will re-occur. Bes sure to enable the Secure Lockdown setting Chrome Lockdown > General Options > No Chrome Updates (Note that when Secure Lockdown is disabled, Chrome will be able to auto-update.)

Roll back Chrome
Previous Releases of Chrome

3. Use the Chrome Extension called "Whitelist Manager". This function will provide similar capability as the Allowed Sites feature. Note that the other Chrome Lockdown features will continue to function.