config entry to always reboot (never logoff)?

Posted: 4 months ago Quote #44074
I could be wrong, but I think there used to be listed a config entry to force the computer to always reboot (never prompt for the Yes to Logoff, No to Reboot). I haven't been able to find it in the list of hidden options, but I feel certain that I saw that this exists. Does such an option exist/still exist.
Posted: 4 months ago Quote #44075
No, there is not such an option. We will consider adding it in a future release.
Posted: 3 months ago Quote #44076
Cool, thanks. To be more clear on my request:

"Do you want to log out ('No' to restart)?" to give us an option to force it to always restart or always logoff so this popup never comes up.

I've already set "IgnorePhysicalKeyboardCheck"=dword:00000001 in every config file since I'm often remoting in with SCCM and don't need the keyboard prompt, but lately we've had an issue with staff logging off instead of rebooting for our setup. And then they don't know/can't figure out the password format/ask a bunch of people a bunch of questions. For our setup, it would benefit me greatly if it always rebooted, since we have autologon enabled already so they aren't enabling Inteset under their admin account by accident.