Error Starting Trial Period

Posted: 11 years ago Quote #9
This seems like the exact piece of software we need, but we can't seem to get the Trial start so we test the features of this software.  When i run Secure Lockdown, it ask for a license key.  I click that, and it gives me a pop up with an error.

it says:

"Error initializing trial period.  Ensure the system is connected to the Internet.  The request failed with HTTP status 417: Expectation Failed"

The internet connection is fine.  Is this a issue with the Firewall?  Are there ports we need to open up?
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Just for reference,

I have a VIAO Touchscreen PC running Windows 7.
Posted: 11 years ago Quote #11
Also, its running the 64-bit Version of Windows 7
Posted: 11 years ago Quote #12
Please uninstall Secure Lockdown, then download and install the latest software found on this site. There was an issue with our license key module that has since been fixed.
Posted: 11 years ago Quote #21

i have still the same issue. I can not start the trial period.

I have allready reinstalled the Software. But the Problem still exists.

Can you help me please?

Posted: 11 years ago Quote #24
After you've unistalled the software, pls try deleteing the folowing registry key:
Posted: 11 years ago Quote #26
THX it works!