Circle Menu Disappearing

Posted: 8 years ago Quote #1637
On a Windows 8.1 tablet device I configured Secure Lockdown multi app edition and enable it.  I create an icon for Windows Media Player and also CMD (in addition to the IE icon).  I also select the option for 'No desktop'.  I apply it and after a logoff/logon I am presented with the circle dock.  All good so far.  I am able to drag the circle off the screen and it will disappear.  Usually if you tap around the area where it went off the screen it will come back, but I'm not able to consistently bring it back.  In some cases if I force it off all I am left with is the blue background with nothing on it.

It is possible to retain/force the circle dock within the screen?  If a user was to move the dock off the screen (by accident or otherwise), the next user won't be able to use the device.

I'm not sure if I am missing something in the setup?

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Yes. The Circle Dock is designed to disappear once an application is launched. Please do the following:

Go to the Circle Dock Settings, then choose the 'Toggleing' section. From there, uncheck 'Screen Left Edge' and "Screen Right Edge' under the 'Show Dock When I...' section. Then under the 'Toggle Visibility Hotkey' section, choose 'None' under the dropdown list.

You can also fix the Dock at its current location by going to the 'Location' settings and check the 'Lock dock at current position' option.
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That helped, thanks.