Not loading the page in IE

Posted: 10 years ago Quote #110
I'm trying out your secure lockdown product.  I have it all working and am calling

iexplore.exe -k

as my main program.  Everything works except that when IE comes up, it shows a white page with a connection error (click to diagnose).  You can then press F5 to refresh the screen and everything is OK.

I'm thinking that IE is being instantiated before the system has the network initialized.  Is there a way to add a delay?  Is this a service I can make dependent on other services?  

Any ideas?


Posted: 10 years ago Quote #111
You could run a VBScript as your master application that runs IE with the parameters and a "Wait" command. FYI, we're comming out with an Internet Explorer version of Secure Lockdown shortly that will probably give you more control over IE as well. That should be out by the end of July