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There are a few instances where the Atl+Shift+S may not be, or appears not to be working:

1.) If antivirus software is running, and exclusion rules are not set up for the Secure Lockdown exe in the antivirus software, the Secure Lockdown utility may not start up, and the Alt-Shift-S key sequence will not function.
2.) In some cases, this issue has occurred after a Windows Update.
3.) It can also occur if the account Secure Lockdown is running under has been changed from an Administrator User account to Standard User.
4.) This also may appear to occur if Windows 10 is set to Tablet Mode. In this case, the utility does maximize, however, it is behind the Tablet Mode screen and is not visible.

If the Alt-Shift-S key sequence is not working after logging into a locked down account, try the following procedure to recover. Note that this procedure requires that you have access to another admin account on the system. If you have a second admin account available, other options are to use Windows Restore and Recovery tools.

UPDATE: It is highly recommended that all Secure Lockdown systems be updated to the latest release. The latest release incorporates Remote Management Services (RMS). One primary feature is the ability to start or stop and enable or disable Secure Lockdown from the cloud management console making recovery simple and quick.

First, determine why Secure the Alt+Shift+S is not working:

If Secure Lockdown Starts When Logging Into the Locked Down Account

1.) If the master application starts after logging in (your application, Circle Dock, IE, or Chrome), you know that Secure Lockdown is running. Test to be sure Alt+Shift+S is not available by pressing the key sequence.

For Secure Lockdown builds 2.00.185 or greater (see Help tab), please see the Hidden Secure Lockdown Features > Disable Secure Lockdown Using a 2nd Admin Account topic in the Administrator Guide. Builds prior to 2.00.185, follow the instructions below:

If Secure Lockdown does not start, go to If Secure Lockdown Does Not Start Upon Logging Into the Locked Down Account below.

2.) If the Secure Lockdown utility does not appear after pressing the key sequence, you'll need to disable Secure Lockdown via RMS, or you'll need to delete the locked down account from the 2nd admin account and start over with a new admin account that will be locked down.

If Secure Lockdown Does Not Start Upon Logging Into the Locked Down Account click here for further instructions.