IE Securelockdown - InternetExplorer cannot display the webpage message

Posted: 12 years ago Quote #142
I am having trouble with the trial....I followed all instruction (running windows 7, ie 8) and set my home page... However, when I enable secure lockdown. I notice 2 things: 1. when I restart my system, my login page no longer show the picture icons for the users, just an empty box with the user name. Then when I select the admin account where SL is installed, once loaded, the IE screen reads the following run trial, so I select run trial, and the following white screened message appears - Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage message...

What should I do?
Posted: 12 years ago Quote #145
Make sure that the URL you've entered is valid. Ensure that there is an ending slash "/" in the URL if you're not defining a specific page (ie: "")