Using the Windows 10 Virtual Keyboard with Secure Lockdown - IE Edition

Posted: 7 years ago Quote #3285
Internet Explorer does not natively support the Windows 10 virtual keyboard UNLESS the touch device is configured to run in Tablet Mode. Secure Lockdown does support using the Windows virtual keyboard while running in Tablet Mode. However, Secure Lockdown needs a special setting to be defined for it to work. In the Secure Lockdown Administrator Guide, refer to the "Hidden Secure Lockdown Features" > " Ignore Physical Keyboard Check" option. Setting this value to "1" will allow you to use the Windows 10 virtual keyboard. Note that you must have access to the full keyboard view ("compatibility mode" keyboard) and not just the abbreviated keyboard view. Otherwise, you won't be able to press the Alt-Shift-S key sequence to invoke the Secure Lockdown utility. If you can attach a physical keyboard, it won't be a problem either way. In addition, make sure that you have Windows set up to start up in Tablet Mode. Also, make sure the the Secure Lockdown > System Lockdown > General > No Desktop option is UNCHECKED (otherwise Tablet Mode will not work).
Posted: 6 years ago Quote #3733
We have used this setup as described on all of our locked down Windows 10 systems.  For the most part, it works well.  However, at random times, the keyboard just quits popping up.  To get it to work, we have to reboot the system, and sometimes it takes several reboots before it starts to pop up again.  We are using v2.00.153.  Is this a know problem or can someone please research this issue?
Posted: 6 years ago Quote #3734
Try updating Secure Lockdown to the latest Edition. You can download it from the website.