Can Secure Lockdown be automatically applied to specifc user account groups?

Posted: 8 years ago Quote #215
We would like to release our workstations with Secure Lockdown preset for an existing user account.  The existing user account will belong to a specially created user group.  Then, more users for that particular group will be created.  Is it possible to automatically apply the Secure Lockdown settings to each new user created for that particular user group?

Thank you.
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Currently, Secure Lockdown works under a single administraror account. However, we are working on a multi-account capable version that may fit your needs. Note that Secure Lockdown must be installed and run on each system. This version will be available by the end of November or sooner.
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Thank you for your quick reply.

With the multi-user capability, are you saying that Secure Lockdown needs to be applied to each user account but can't be automatically applied to groups of users?
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #218
Yes. Secure Lockdown needs to be running in the background on each computer so that it can perform unique (non- Group Policy) functionality.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #219
Can Secure Lockdown be programmatically installed for each newly created user?  For instance if the main application allows the creation of new users, during the user account creation can Secure Lockdown be installed with hardcoded parameters?

Thank you.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #220
Our next release of Secure Lockdown should accomodate your need. You will be able to run a reg file that will include the desired settings. Note that we also have a method to autoactivate the license for installations such as yours. If you are interested, please email
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This release has been posted.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #253
Where has the new multi-user release been posted?  I still only see Version 2 on the Web site.

Thank you.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #255
It's still version 2, but a newer release (ie: 2.0.25). You can download it from our web site: Please note that the user loging on to a Secure Lockdown account must be an administrator of the local machine. If the user is an Active Directory (AD) user, just add them to the Administrator group of that machine.