Secure Lockdown, Application error in OnShow event

Posted: 8 years ago Quote #241
purchased IE version,

Win7 32 clean install, IE8,

software started up fine first time, after changing settings error when hitting the apply button.

when trying to start software now i get the following error:

Application error in OnShow event. Unable to continue. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

hope you can help me out.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #242
uninstalling and re-installing does not change anything, instantly the same error.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #243
We have already fixed this issue and will be posting the fix shortly.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #245
i need it to work pretty soon, would installing Win7 64bit solve my problem?
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #246
The fix is posted. Please download it from the site. You will need to delete the following registry entries before proceeding: "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Inteset\SecureLockdown_v2_IE".
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #249
thanx guys, works as designed now,

i'll drop my tester in the field and if nobody can break it i'll be buying a lot more :)
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #294
Same problem here,  downloaded latest version but same error even after deleting registry key

Shame, really wanted to test this to see if if would be a useful application.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #295
What edition of SL are you using? What is the exact error message you see. Please check the Windows Application Event logs to see the full error message and post it here.