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We are upgrading from W7 to W10 and use a homegrown script to do so.  We will not be taking advantage of W10 kiosk mode, but use Secure Lockdown like we did for W7.  We only have 1 PC that uses Secure Lickdown.  I have read your W10 posts but would appreciate it if you could verify that updating the OS in place will not affect Secure Lockdown from working and keep the license in tact.  

I have not logged on to your site for probably 3 years and had to reset my password but when I went into My Account, I did not see any licensing for us.  Do you bill annually for renewal?  We are running V2 Build 2.00.102 with licensing to Collier County BCC.  I am the IT person who supports this software.  Is there a more current version we need for W10?

I have no purchasing information but my email to log in is:

I appreciate your help!