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Accessing Mapped Network Drives

7 years ago
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There are a few things to consider if your Secure Lockdown configuration needs access to a mapped network drive. First, be sure the following settings are configured:

1. You’re running the latest release of Secure Lockdown (2.00.171+)
2. The Password > Set > Windows Sign in Password field matches the Windows sign in
3. The System Lockdown > Local Level > No Local Drives option is disabled
4. The System Lockdown > Local Level > No Network Shares option is disabled

Second, Windows 10 systems that have patch KB3194798 installed will not be able to access mapped drives. This is a result of a bug that was introduced in the patch. Microsoft is aware of the issue and will have a fix for it at some point soon that will be provided via a Windows Update. The workaround to this is to use UNC paths to access the network drive instead (ie: \\<serverName>\<sharedFolder>).

Note that if using Secure Lockdown - Multi App Edition, and the Windows Start Menu (not Circle Dock), apps will still have access to mapped drives. This is because the permissions required to display mapped drives work properly when an application is opened directly by an end user (Circle Dock apps are opened as the system).
5 years ago
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Hi Forum,

We have troubles with a persistant  network connection.

We try to save screenshots from MS paint started within Secure lockdown Multiapp edition to a network folder with AutoIT.

In my homeoffice network or our office network everything works like a charm.

At customers site, the network is not reachable after a reboot or new start of secure lockdown.  We have to use the 'save as'  Button of the software first. The networkfolder has a red cross. after klicking on it, the red cross disapears and the network is reachable for the screenshots until next reboot or start. looks like a incomplete startup/ mount of the networkfolder. we tried everything (use net etc.) it is simply not connecting completely under a Secure Lockdown kiosk. Without the lockdown enabled everithing works.

The only difference between the working homeoffice and office network solutions is, as far as I can see:
No Password for the serverconnection at customer site.

Is a server password mandatory?

I apologize for my inadequate 'german english' - Help would be very apeciated!

thanks in advance and best regards,
Johannes Weber

5 years ago
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Yes, you'll need to enter the Windows password to access the network in the Secure Lockdown > Password > Set dialog.
5 years ago
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So you say, it is not possible to mount a servervolume from a server with no password?

That is bad news - we cannot change our whole infrastructure because of some kiosk-pc.

Is there any workaround?

best regards,
5 years ago
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You don't need to enter a password if there is none required, but you'll run into the problem you're experiencing. This is a permissions issue. Secure Lockdown launches apps with permissions different than if you launched the app manually. Thus, the need for a password.