Not displaying java on new window

Posted: 8 years ago Quote #302
Good afternoon,
       We are using Inteset Secure lockdown V2 Internet Explorer Edition, I am accessing a intranet sight that is running Java. On the site you have several buttons to choose from and when you make a choice what should happen is another window with an agreement should appear. In this case, the window with the agreement is not appearing and all that appears is blank screen.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated...

Jesus A Cuevas
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #304
Uncheck all off the Secure Lockdown "IE Layout Options" and "Other IE Options" and see if it still happens. If it does not, narrow down which option is causing the issue. If the issue still occurs, speak with the developer of your Intranet page. FYI, Secure Lockdown does not disable any javascript, Flash, or any other add-in objects.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #306
Thanks for the quick response, but I have narrowed it down to the following:
When Secure Lockdown is not running I can open IE and go that portion of the site and get the Disclaimer page, but only after I launch Secure Lockdown does it not display the Disclaimer page. The other thing is that I have narrowed down the issue to Flash and not Java.
I get that Secure Lockdown does not disable any 3rd party add-ons but with the scenario given above it is difficult not to point to Secure Lockdown software.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #307
Is this a public site? We would like to test this if possible. - Ohh, it's not, sorry. Please go to sites with Flash (ie: YouTube) to see if that works. We dont see anything in the code that would prevent Flash from running except possibly not allowing downloads. Please feel free to contact us directly via phone, or the email.