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Child and pop-up windows cannot close.

12 years ago
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We have purchases a 19inch Widescreen Touch PC, 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo with Win 7 Pro (32 byte) and Elo Multi-Touch Surface Acoustic Wave Touchscreen. Web browser, IE ver. 8.

We are evaluating your Inteset Secure Lockdown ver. 2.0.

We need the ability to display a specific web site, lock it down so users cannot navigate away, especially to a site of questionable content.  Users need to be able to navigate the home page, which they can.

Your software does indeed prevent closing out of IE, it does remove the address bar, etc.  The issue we are facing.  Child windows and pop-up windows cannot be closed, that are called up from the home page.  Minimized yes, but we require that they can be closed so users can navigate the home site page.

Another issue.  We have to manually uninstall a Windows update, KB2515325, it conflicts with Secure Lockdown; flags a conflict and prompts to remove.  Every time windows updates, we have to manually remove KB2515325 update.

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12 years ago
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You can restrict users to one domain by doing the following in IE:

From the IE Tools menu option, select “Internet Options”, then select the “Content” tab. From here, select the “Content Advisor/Settings” button, then the “Approved Sites” tab and add the sites you need accessible. Go to the “Ratings” tab and Deny all access to rated content (default). Select the “General” tab and un-check the “Users can see websites that have no rating” checkbox. Press the “OK” button to return the Internet Options dialog, then press the “Enable…” button to enable the site restrictions.

Regarding the Windows Update question, it is recomended to select the "Check for updates, but let me choose whether to download and install them" Windows Update option, from when confirming the update, unselect the "KB2515325" update before proceeding.

Recarding the Homepage popup windows, is this a site that you have developer access to? If so, ask the developer to put a close button in the pupup page. FYI, if you uncheck the "Keep Running" option, the close button will re-appear, however, the user will be able to close IE entirely and it will not start back up again.