Posted: one year ago Quote #15978
Hi guys,

I had the trial Chrome version running on Windows 10 Home. Have done all my basic setup and added a single site to the whitelist.  It was running perfectly in Kiosk mode on the trial version.  I have my whitelisted URL also set to my startup page in Chrome.

Have since inserted my license and now can't get it to launch as it was before.

I enable the lock down and it runs through the prompts ie:

1. Option deactivate UAC
2. Remote keyboard detection
3. Make sure you have your password
4. Need to logout or restart for the product to activate

I have tried logout and restart. It launches again back to the desktop and I am not able to access any features as I would expect.

Am I supposed to have Chrome running before I enable lockdown?  
Should Chrome just launch on restart / login?
Sometimes I can see the Chrome icon and if I click on it, it starts but not in kiosk mode