Enable Secure Lockdown failed !

Posted: 8 years ago Quote #360

I just got the Multi Application Edition of Secure Lockdown v2 but I can't activate the Secure Lockdown.

When I tried to enable it, I get this: "Could not save settings. Ensure that you are logged on with administrator rights."

The only problem is: I use the administrator logon! (The first user create by the Windows 7 Installer).

What shoud I do now?

Thanks for your help.
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This message is displayed when the application cant write to the the HKLM portion of the Windows Registry. Please ensure there are no anti-virus utilities or Windows Group Policy blocking access. Be sure that the current user is an administrator of the machine, and that UAC is disabled.
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Will check the AntiVirus, it's the more possible cause.

Will update this thread when tested.

Edit: You were right!
We use Sophos Antivirus (version: 9.7), and it detect it as a trojan (Reg modifier). I allowed the primary program and it succefully registered!

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Well, will see tomorow morning if every is fine.

Just a question, can we hide e-mail address (I don't want spams, so I change to a more "generic" address).
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No, the system doesnt allow that, but users can log off and still post as a guest. We can delete this thread if you wish.
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Will wait until tomorrow, just after I checked that everything is working just fine.