Only IE kiosk with MAE version and some errors

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New question:

How can I activate only Internet Explorer ("automaticly") in Kiosk mode with the MAE version?

For now, it only launch the "Circle dock", but I don't want it for the actual use.


Edit: Ok, I drop the shortcut do the "Start" folder in "All programs", but now, I still have those questions:

- How disable the Circle dock?

- I get an error message, here it is:
"DisableTasbarOnTop - Error
Unknown Explorer version (6.1.7601.17567, can't apply patch"
=> Windows 7 Pro with SP1, all updates made + IE version 9
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The best option is to use Secure Lockdown - Internet Explorer Edition. You cannot disable Circle Dock from loading in the MAE version.

Regarding the "Unknown Explorer version " error, please see the following thread:
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Ok for the error now.

So bad for the Circle dock.