DNS and other lookups during execution of CircleDock or Windows Start lockdown

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Hi there

I have an off-net installation (no internet access at all).

When running (in lock down or in configuration mode) the execution of circledock performs a number of DNS checks. Specifically: (etc.)

When not able to find these DNS entries there is a number of timeouts and then the execution continues. The delay is about 15 seconds

I have set these in the local hosts file to to remove the DNS failures and have the total delay down to nearly 10 seconds but even that is too long

If I do not have an active network then every loads almost instantaneously.

The same delay occurs during login on a locked down configuration when not using the circle dock option

Can you provide me with suggestions as to how I can get the 10 seconds down?

Thank you

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We are investigating this issue.
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Do you have a local network? If you disable the NIC, do you receive the same delay? Also, is the software registered with the Remote Management Services (go to Help > Remote Management)?
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No delay until NIC is active
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No registration at all

Network is segregated with any external access and remote management not configured
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Is this delay only when loading the first time or does the delay occur during normal operation as well?
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No - if you are in configure mode and select configure circledock then there will be a 10 second delay before it shows on the screen

If you then close circldock and then hit configure again your get another 10 second delay

The same is true in lock down mode. Login displays the desktop quickly AND then a 10 second delay before circle dock appears.

Once it has appeared there is no delay using it

The same is true when not using circledock but using Win Start Menu. Though this is only obvious when logging in

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Thank you for this helpful information. The issue is being investigated. Our findings will be reported shortly.