NFC + secure lockdown?

Posted: one year ago Quote #17029
I'm using the Standard Edition of Secure Lockdown on a Surface Go (Windows 10 Home). What I'd like is for the Go in tablet mode to receive and open a URL from NFC tags (this is for an interactive element in an art gallery). However, when the near field sensor detects a tag, it gives me a "receive content from other device?" prompt, and then nothing happens; the record on the tag isn't read.

Is this a security issue? For testing purposes I've got pretty much everything disabled in System Lockdown.

BTW I'm using Chrome as the default browser, as Edge doesn't seem to play well with Secure Lockdown.
Posted: one year ago Quote #17031
It's not clear what is causing this. Try disabling (unchecking) some of the selected Secure Lockdown options such as the System Lockdown > Local Level > No Desktop and No Windows 10 Shell.