Feature request: When unlocking, display all the configuration tabs instead of requiring a logoff

Posted: one year ago Quote #17211
When unlocking the software, why don't you display all of the configuration tabs?  Currently its very time consuming to make any changes.  We unlock and apply it, are you sure you want to disable "yes", log off or restart"  we log off, then have to log back in, open Secure lockdown again, do the keyboard combination to bring it up, put the password in yet again, and then we finally see the tabs appear (Master Application, System Lockdown, Background Apps, Help), so we can make changes.

We make our changes, enable it and then have to logout or restart again.

You would save us so much time if we could just see those tabs appear the first time around when unlocking Secure Lockdown.  That is how Provisio SiteKiosk works.
Posted: one year ago Quote #17212
Early versions of the program worked the way you mentioned. The password entry after Secure Lockdown is disabled was added due customer requests. Note that if you remove the password, it will do what you requested. So, while testing, don't have a password.