Screen Saver not working with Secure Lockdown Chrome Edition

Posted: 8 months ago Quote #17324
I'm using Secure Lockdown Chrome Edition on a monitor to only allow users to view some websites.
Now I need to show some pictures while leaving the user the possibility to click and use website.

I'm trying to do this with Windows 10 screen saver (photo slideshow), but it doesn't work...

I disabled the System Lockdown > Local Level > No Desktop option and tried to point the pictures folder to a local folder or to another disk (mounted network share), but with no luck.

Should I do something else?

Or can you suggest another way to show some picture and then go back to website?
Posted: 8 months ago Quote #17325
Try creating a new drive partition, then move the pictures to the new drive. Point the screen saver to that location. That should do what you need.