USB HUB Support - USB Hub not working in LOCKDOWN mode

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Hi, I am using Secure Lockdown V2 - Goolge Browser
If I attach my USB-C card reader to my Microsoft Surface GO directly into the USB-C port and lockdown the PC, all works well.

I now have a need to attach a 3-port USB HUB to the single USB-C port on the PC.

When NOT in secure lockdown, the USB HUB with the card reader and an other USB device (external WIFI adapter) all work well.
The devices work through a reboot and a complete power off.

When I enable LOCKDOWN mode and restart the PC, the PC hangs until I unplug the USB-C HUB.

Is there a setting that I am missing on ensuring all devices are enabled during LOCKDOWN.

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Be sure to disable the System Lockdown > Machine Level > No Removable USB Drives. If this is enabled, the system will not allow removable devices to be attached.
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Hi, yes, this has been disabled.
I have gone through some of the other posts and have fully deleted all USB devices.
Re-plugged in my USB 3 port hub with the two devices (in a fixed order) NOT TO BE CHANGED
The system then was rebooted
All USB devices were added to the system and working great.
Once I went into LOCKDOWN mode with a reboot, my system was hung.
I unplugged the usb hub, and then plugged it in about 30 seconds later and all was good.

My issue is that I have 10 of these systems in remote locations and there is no TECH person on site to unplug/replug the usb hub.

I am running Windows 10 Home on a Microsoft Surface GO with all current updates.
I am using Google Chrome.

Any other thoughts.
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So the hanging issue occurs every time you restart the system?
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Hi, my devices all come online immediately when NOT IN LOCKDOWN Mode.
When in LOCKDOWN mode
The BOOT is stalled.
No Spinning ICON circle.
I unplug the USB HUB
wait about 10 seconds
wait for the spinning circle boot to start
wait 5 more seconds
plug in my usb hub with the devices
system is working fine.

Again, when not in LOCKDOWN mode, a power off/on cycle is no issue, boots clean, devices are seen.
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Is the  System Lockdown > Machine Level > No New USB Devices option enabled? If so, please try to restart again to see if the issue persisted. This option and the "No Removable USB Drives" option are the only two features where Secure Lockdown deals with USB ports.
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Hi, both of those options are NOT ENABLED.
My USB HUB with the two devices do work fine and are both working upon a POWER down / Power UP Cycle with the LOCKDOWN not enabled.

Are there settings (in the registry or otherwise) that I can check to ensure that the settings are set as DISABLED ?

I have tested this scenario on 3 separate Microsoft Surface Go tablets. And all 3 tablets exhibit the same behaviour.

I really do not want to be pulling out the USB Hub cable from the USB port and plugging it back in.

I have disabled any power limitations to all the USB devices (NO POWER SAVINGS).
I have also disabled the USB SELECTIVE SUSPEND SETTINGS in power options.

Again, my 2 USB devices start up fine and operate as needed when not in LOCKDOWN mode.

Is there anything else that I can check out ?

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Ok, this is what I did, I focused on the hardware.

1 - swapped out my 3-port USB hub by Tumao - KY-888
with a

Still NO GO.

2 - Swapped out my:
TESmart USB 2.0 Extender to RJ45 Over Cat5E/ 6 Connection up to 100 M
with a
VTOP USB 2.0 Extender to RJ45 Over Cat5e/ cat6  

Now in KIOSK LOCKDOWN mode both my HID OMNIKEY Reader and my WIFI extender connected to my USB 2.0 Extender are working.

Not sure why, but it works, the difference in cost for the USB 2.0 extender was about $10 and the cost difference on the USB HUB was $20.

Maybe for others this approach can help.

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Thank you for all of your help.
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Glad it's working now.