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I've switched our library self issue machines over to using Secure Lockdown. There are 2 applications it needs to run to fucntion correctly.

1. Self Issue Software
2. RFID keyboard wedge

I tried setting SL to open the Self Issue software as the main application and open the RFID as a background application. When I test this the Main application opens but not the background.

So I wrote a small batch file to run in place of the Main application and removed the background application. Contents of the batch file are:

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Live Register Ltd\UIP"
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nedap Library Solutions\Bibliocheck6Selfservice.6.1.0"
START Bibliocheck6Selfservice.exe

Pretty basic, but when I test the settings it works as expected. Both applications start up and I can use the self issue terminal.

However when I enabled Secure Lockdown only the Self Issue software starts up (that's the Bibliocheck...exe) and not the RFID keyboard wedge.

So I'm a bit confused and willing for any suggestions.