Inteset Secure Lockdown v2

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My name is Juan Aliaga and I'm with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Washington DC.

We are changing our operating system from Wind/7 to Wind/10 for all our Testing Stations.

The person who was in charge left and now we are in need of help.

What will be the best way to start? where can I get the software for windows 10, etc....

Thank You,

Juan C. Aliaga
IT Technical Support Specialist
Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)
95 M St. SW
Washington, DC 20024-6322
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Please be sure to first deactivate the licences from the Windows 7 system. Doing so will free up the licenses for use on the Windows 10 systems. See the User Guide to learn how to deactivate a license.

From there, you can download the latest release of the software from our website and install that on the windows 10 units. You'll be able to re-use the license key originally distributed to you upon the purchase of the licenses.

Be sure to register each system with the Inteset Remote Management service (see User Guide). Be sure to create a 2nd admin account for recovery purposes as well.