Circledock does not reappear after program exits

Posted: 8 years ago Quote #427
I download the trial version of Secure Lockdown to test with my applications and I ran into several problems. I have a Windows 64-bit machine running Windows 7 Ultimate. The first issue was that there was an error about not recognosing a version of Internet Explorer. This does not both me because I do not want Internet Explorer on my Kiosk. The other problem is that I was able to display the Kiosk circle, select a program, but when I exit the program the circle does not reappear. I have tried this two times with different programs. The first time was with my own programs, the next time I used Microsoft Chess.
Posted: 8 years ago Quote #428
Regarding the Explorer Version error, please see the following forum topic:

To reveal  Circle Dock, you must press the F9 function key on the keyboard. Whirh the Circle Dock settings, you can change this key assignment as well as use other methods to reveal the dock menu. Please see the Circle Dock help for for information.