Alt-Shift-S won't work

Posted: 5 months ago Quote #18150
I installed the program on my laptop and entered the activation code. Then I tried to run it. The dialog box came up initially, like normal (I have used the same code on another laptop, but I wanted to move it). But when I hit Alt-Shift-S, nothing happened. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same thing, only it didn't ask me for the deactivation code. I can't deactivate it if Alt-Shift-S doesn't work... unless someone can do that manually from your end. I could get the other laptop back, but I'd rather not. I had set it to only work for me (not the other logins) the first install, and all logins on the second, but the same thing happened. Any ideas?
Posted: 5 months ago Quote #18151
One more useful bit of info: it says in the dialog box that it doesn't detect a physical keyboard, although this is a laptop, not a tablet or a desktop with the keyboard disconnected. Also, the same issue happened when I logged into a different user on the same computer. One curiosity: does it have to be a proper Microsoft account, or can it be just a local user account?
Posted: 5 months ago Quote #18154
Please contact and request a license deactivation.