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Windows updates install failing

3 years ago
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I am using Secure Lockdown v2 Multi Application Edition to lock down some Windows 10 computers. I still want to be able to have Windows Updates install on these machines when Secure Lockdown is enabled but I'm running into an issue. The Windows updates will download and install, but once the computer is restarted to finish the updates the computer will reboot then get stuck, the updates will fail then Windows rolls back the updates. In Secure Lockdown under System Lockdown > Machine Level I have "No App Install" and "No Windows Updates" both unchecked. I've also tried the Application Installation Guard Utility but the updates still fail and rollback. As soon as I disable Secure Lockdown and install the updates and restart, they install just fine. Any help on settings to changes or things to try would be great.

3 years ago
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We are experiencing the same issue now with the Windows 10 Feature Release Update.
How do we UNLOCK the system enough to allow these patches, without manual interaction.

Is the desktop required, or the shell?
2 years ago
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Was this ever resolved? I'm experiencing the same issue.
1 year ago
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Hmmm.... we're experiencing the same issue as well. Has this not been resolved?