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Tablet and Windows 10 left sweep blocking

6 years ago
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Hello everybody,
We've got "Inteset Secure Lockdown" (Standard edition) in the Tablet with Windows 10 operating system.
All seems to be working well, I mean tablet locking (blocking) but there is one small issue.

When Inteset Secure lockdown is switch-on, the left sweep (finger sweep via left tablet edge)
is active. So user can set up new virtual desktop. It could bring problems - a lot of virtual
desktop for nothing, when somebody will play with it.
The rest sweeps, i.e. up to down (shutdown) is important, down to up is useful (awakening).
Right to left (Action Center) can be switch off.

Do you happen to know how solve this problem (W10 left sweep blocking)?

Thank you for any advice that you can provide.
Enjoy your day.
Peter B.
6 years ago
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Our next release (build: 2.00.182) of Secure Lockdown will disable edge swipe touch gestures. We expect this build to be released this week.
1 year ago
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Hi Team,

This issue has not been fixed, I currently have 88 devices which I thought were locked down but the left flick/sweep is still active.

I have amended the following reg key to disable when not in Secure Lockdown Chrome Edition:
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\EdgeUI\AllowEdgeSwipe = REG_DWORD 0x00000000

When I do a normal reboot the setting is retained but as soon as Secure Lockdown is enabled the setting must revert back as the function is active again.