Win 10 Touch Keyboard Does Not Work.

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Posted: 2 years ago Quote #4801
I went 100% through all steps you sugessted.
What do you mean by "Try setting up a different tablet if possible. Also, make sure you're not using the Windows on-screen keyboard found in Windows Accessibility. Make sure you're using the Windows Touch Keyboard."?
I'm using Iiyama ProLite T2252MSC Multi-Touch, 21.5'' LED - IPS Panel, Edge to Edge Glass, Projected Capacitive, 10-point multi touch, 1920x1080 USB connected to WIN10Pro 64bit. Virtual keyboard is same when I press windows keyboard icon from Taskbar (beside clock an other system icons).
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #4802
There are 2 types of "Virtual Keyboards" included with Windows - the "Touch Keyboard" and the "On-screen Keyboard". Be sure the Windows Accessibility On-Screen keyboard is disabled.

If you have a 2nd tablet, try setting up Chrome on it using the Windows "Touch Keyboard" to see if that device has the same issue.
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #4803
Hello! Tried all WIN10 settings as suggested - still no luck. Only in Chrome virtual keyboard won't show in any case. Maybe it's some bug in my WIN10Pro 64bit Slovenian version. Then I installed Chrome Extension - Virtual Keyboard by (also has Slovenian keyboard layout) as Peter M. suggested and BINGO. Works like charm. Thanks everybody for all suggestions.
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #4998
I had the exact same issue (Windows 10 + iiyama touchscreen monitor) and the only solution that worked for me also was to install the Chrome virtual keyboard.  Now it works like a charm.
Posted: 2 years ago Quote #5196
Some touch screens are connected via USB. If you're using the Chrome browser in this case, be sure to start Chrome with the following command line switch: "--disable-usb-keyboard-detect" Otherwise, Chrome will think a physical keyboard is attached and wont launch the Touch Keyboard
Posted: one year ago Quote #12324
I've tried all of the above. I'm using chrome in kiosk mode. The touch keyboard does not popup upon tapping on text inputs. When the device is not locked down the touch keyboard does come up.
Posted: one year ago Quote #17055

Can we get an update on this ?  We have ran into the exact same issue described here and need the solution.

Windows 10 in tablet mode,  Touch keyboard shows fine for Chrome when Unlocked but does not show when locked down with SecureLockdown_v2_CM.

Please advise,

Posted: one year ago Quote #17056
Please see the "Configure Touch Screen..." topic of the following article: