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Database acces on mapped network drive

6 years ago
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I'm using Inteset Secure Lockdown with an application which has its database on a file server. If I run the application directly in windows everything is working fine. But when I'm running the application via Secure Lockdown (same .exe), the connection to the database is locked and I have to navigate through the folders and select the database, and authenticate with the permitted user.

A solution could be running the .exe directly on the server, but then Secure Lockdown tells me, that this is an invalid application.

Could you help me with my problem?
6 years ago
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If you're using Secure Lockdown - Standard or Multi application Edition, you can enter the Windows Login credentials into the Secure Lockdown Password entry section. In the utility, go to Password > Windows Sign in Password. This should allow access to the shared resource.
1 year ago
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I found that if you are in a domain environment, you need to set your DNS on the workstation to the IP address of the server.  Once I did that, the application worked as it should after being locked down with the product.  Having the DNS set to an ISP DNS or Google DNS it will not work.