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network access problem

1 year ago
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In inteset secure Lockdown v2 - Windows 10
I have application that run on your product, in my code i copy files to my network path \\<server>\<folder>

1. When i do it i get error in my code: Exception The user name or password is incorrect  
    in my code i type the user name and it is ok.

I have OLD windows 10 that it is work fine with your application (the same inteset configuration).
Also the same code work fine without your kiosk application.

Needs your help
1 year ago
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In the Secure Lockdown utility, go to > Password > Set Password > Windows Password and enter the password for the network access.
1 year ago
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Soory it didn't help,

I need to create user and Authorization in the network for the specific user that your app is running ?

In old MS OS i just  put Authorization  to some other user  without need to enter Windows Password on the network