Secure Lockdown v2

Posted: 10 years ago Quote #2
I am testing your Secure Lockdown v2 software on two kiosks and I really do like the fact that right from the start it is ready to go. There is one issue however that is a problem for us and I wanted to see if you had any suggestions. The only program we allow to run on the PCs is Internet Explorer. These kiosks are used by our employees to check their benefits. We have a firewall that controls internet access so I don't want Internet Explorer running in kiosk mode, but if our users minimize the window, they are stuck unless they know the shortcut commands to bring the window back up. Is there a way to prevent Internet Explorer from being minimized or force it to open back up if it is minimized? Thansk for any help you can give.
Posted: 10 years ago Quote #4
Yes. We have added a "Keep Maximized" feature that will not allow an app to stay in its minimized state.