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On screen keyboard moves to middle of screen when in kiosk mode

1 year ago
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Hi, I'm currently trialing Secure Lockdown for Chrome for our company's kiosk on Microsoft Surface Go 3 Windows 11 Home. Everything is working really well except one problem.

The on-screen keyboard seemingly randomly moves to the vertical middle of the screen. This can happen while typing or just open the keyboard and set the tablet down. It happens between a few seconds and a minute.

I first found it in our app, but I changed the kiosk to and it happens there too. It does not happen without the kiosk lockdown. i.e. fullscreen Chrome google or our app.

This is a pretty big issue for us since our users are using the app at a fast pace.

Does anybody know of this problem? Or any suggestions how to fix or troubleshoot it?

I tried to take a screenshot but I guess the power/volume up buttons screenshot does not work in lockdown.

Thanks - Robert
1 year ago
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Note: when I say "on-screen" keyboard above, it is actually 'touch keyboard". (on-screen is the accessibility keyboard)

I am continuing to see this problem and my executive team is getting unhappy about it. We did purchase 10 licenses but between this and a problem with Return Home not working consistently (I am still diagnosing this and will post), my group has started thinking about finding another kiosk solution.

I do have a video of this problem and I have detailed steps of how the Surface tablet is set up. I don't think I can post the video or screenshots here, and I don't want my configuration public.

I've seen this problem on all, around 10, installations, all Windows 11 some home some pro.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks