ESC button

Posted: 7 years ago Quote #617

The application that I need to run while in Kiosk mod needs the esc button functional.  I have played with the different setting available to me and have not been able to get the esc button working.  Wondering if it is possible or not.


Posted: 7 years ago Quote #620
Have you tried unchecking the "No Special Keys" option under the Customizations tab?
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #666
I cannot get the esc button to work either.. any sugestions?

I am using the software on 2 Win7HP-SP1 machines. Have tried dusabling (unchecking) the options:
-No fast user switching
-no logoff/shutdown
-no ease of access
-no help and support
-no special keys
-disable desktop

Still no go. The esc button is still not available in the master application. Everything else works.

The master application works fine when secure lockdown is disabled.
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We are looking into this and will get back to you shortly.