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Posted: 7 years ago Quote #635
Hey guys,

I am looking at using this software for a Audio Video Pod. The Audio video pod has a touch interface where people can scroll using touch gestures & zoom using touch gestures.

When I use IE9 Kiosk Mode with out Inteset Secure Lockdown Internet Explorer Edition. These functions seem to work fine but within the application they do not. Is there some setting that I have missed for turning on touch gestures or is this something that is not available?

This is quite important for the product I am creating and will define whether I purchases multiple licenses or not.

Michael Treacher
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #636
Try unchecking all of the options available under the "IE Layout Options" tab and the "Other IE Options" tab and see if that helps. Is this a public website where we could test it?
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #637

So after spending some time playing around with the settings it turns out that unselecting disable desktop fixed the issue.

You can test this out on any website that has scroll available if you have a touch screen you should be able to flick and scroll within the container.

Similar to browsing on an iphone or ipad.

Michael Treacher