Using Secure Lockdown With Different User Accounts

Posted: 7 years ago Quote #642

Your website indicates that some user accounts can have secure lockdown enforced, while other user accounts can have it disabled.

Can you provide me instructions on how to set this up?

Thank You,

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* Install Secure Lockdown for "All Users". This is the default.
* Any user account where you want to run Secure Lockdown must be have admin rights (must be an administrator of the computer)
* Under that admin account, configure, then enable Secure Lockdown. Other accounts will not be affected.

NOTE: there are some "Machine Level" settings in Secure Lockdown that, if enabled, will affect all users. They are marked in RED. Be sure to review those settings before enableing Secure Lockdown.
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I followed your suggestions, but I am having the following problem:

1.)  I log on and off with the account that is 'locked down'.  This account has the 'allowed sites' enabled, with only a handful of sites on the allowed list.

2.)  Then, when I log on with an 'unlocked' account, I am unable to browse to any websites.  It gives me a 'content advisor' message saying I cannot view the site.  I tried to disable content advisor, but it is password protected.  I tried using my Secure Lockdown password, but it didn't work.

Ultimately, I want one account that is 'locked down', and another account that is completely unaffected.

Can you please help?

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The "Allowed Sites" element is an "All User" setting unfortunately. Secure Lockdown is using the capabilities of Interent Explorer to provide this feature. In other words, it is IE that makes this feature for all users, not Secure Lockdown. A good workaround for this is to use a different browser for non-locked down users (ie Chrome, FireFox, etc). Those browsers wont be restricted.
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Thank you for your suggestion - using another browser seems like an acceptable solution.  One last question, if you don't mind:

1.)  Is there a way to allow one or two programs to be placed on the desktop of the 'locked down' user account?
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The Desktop Shortcuts are not available when Secure Lockdown is enabled. The best solution for that would be to use Secure Lockdown - Multi-application Edition. It has the same Internet Explorer lockdown features as well.