Windows 8 and automatic login

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We installed secure lockdown on Windows 8 (not pro, but the plain Windows 8). There is a single user on that system, who has admin rights and no password.

When the system is rebooted with Secure Lockdown disabled, this user is automatically logged in. However, when Secure Lockdown is enabled, after reboot the lock screen is shown, and a the user has to be manually 'selected' from the list of 1 to continue.

We can't figure out how to change this behaviour. We'd like the system to also skip the login step when secure lockdown is enabled.



Edit: We use version 2.0.46 on 64-bit Windows
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We will investigate this and respond shortly
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #684
This behavior will occur only when you initially enable Secure Lockdown and choose the "Logoff" option when restarting (instead of "Restart.") Subsequent restarts of the system will bypass the login screen automatically.