Secure Lockdown with Win7 home Prem 64bit LogOff or Shutdown very slow

Posted: 7 years ago Quote #688
I'm using secure lockdown with the circle dock.  It works great, very locked down.  I'm using windows7 home premium 64 bit.  

I've put icons on the circle dock to deal with shutting down or logging off and they call batch files to run appropriate shutdown commands.  This works but the in either case, shuttingdown or logging off takes at least two or three minutes to complete!    Only when running in secured fashion.

my shutdown command is shutdown /s /t 0
my logoff command is shutdown /l

Note: Under Customizations  the parameter No Logoff/Shutdown is UnChecked.

Is there a better technique to resolve this issue?

Appreciate the help.

Does anyone know the command shutdown Circledock via command line?
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #689
It may be the OS is waiting for applications to close gracefully before is shuts down the system. You may want to include in your script a statement that terminates CircleDock.
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #690
Does anyone know the command to  shutdown Circledock via command line?
Posted: 7 years ago Quote #693
There is no command-line for CircleDock. You can use a vb script or PowerShell script to "terminate" the process. For testing purposes, try running CircleDock without Secure Lockdown enabled, then shut down the PC to see if you have the same results. It is likely that it is not CircleDock causing the issue. You can run CircleDock by double-clicking on the EXE found under the program files/Inteset/Secure Lockdown folder.